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Jonathan Run Falls

Trail Information | Ohiopyle State Park | Ohiopyle Co.

Bridge to Jonathan Run Falls in Ohiopyle State Park

Jonathan Run Falls is one of the most mesmerizing waterfalls in Ohiopyle State Park. Bring your boots and walking stick as this waterfall is set a little bit further in Ohiopyle than most other trails!

Jonathan Run Falls in Ohiopyle State Park

If you are looking for a moderate, scenic hike filled with multiple waterfalls, then Jonathan Run Falls is calling your name. This hike will draw you away from the hustle and bustle of Ohiopyle's small rafting town and out into the mesmerizing forest. It is tucked away ever so snuggly off the Great Allegheny Passage.

Jonathan Run Falls is an out & back trail. You have two options for which way you wish to start. If you start from the Jonathan Falls Trailhead, you will cross over a picture-perfect bridge before reaching the falls. If you start from the GAP trail, you will need to go past the waterfalls in order to reach this bridge. Be sure to check our detailed trail page for an interactive map and directions!

There are two main areas once you reach the waterfalls. The top area being Jonathan Run Upper Falls which cascades down into Jonathan Run Lower Falls. During peak summer, these falls may be running very low. Your best opportunity for a full set of cascading waterfalls is shortly after it rains. Be sure to bring boots as it will certainly be muddy and slippery along the trail!

Jonathan Run Falls offers a wonderful opportunity to get away from the crowds and is a favorite photography spot for a long exposure. Visit our detailed page for more information about this trail!

Ferncliff Trail

Trail Information | Ohiopyle State Park | Ohiopyle Co.

Ohiopyle Falls from Ferncliff Trail in Ohiopyle State Park

Ferncliff Trail runs alongside the Youghiogheny River and brings you right to the edge of Ohiopyle Falls. Featuring a wooded forest and an easy loop, this hiking trail in Ohiopyle is perfect for your next family outing.

Ferncliff Trail in Ohiopyle State Park

Starting your hike along the Great Allegheny Passage, you will travel along a short, wooded path straight to the Youghiogheny River. Once you reach the Yough, be sure to look down as you will find fossils embedded in the bank along this whole stretch!

As you walk across the rocks next to rhododendrons, you will be treated to the cascading effects of the river as it nears the main 20-foot roaring waterfall in Ohiopyle. You will see the main viewing area across the river near the State Park Visitors Center, but Ferncliff Trail is no doubt the best spot to get up close to the falls.

As you continue past Ohiopyle Falls, you will be given an option to view the waterfall and river from a natural rock overlook. Next, the trail will swing around Ferncliff Peninsula, which use to house a large hotel in the late 1800's. You can read more about the history of Ohiopyle here. From now until the end of your journey, you will be dwarfed by one of the most serene forests in southwestern PA, begging you not to leave.

Ferncliff Trail offers one of the easiest looped trails for hiking in Ohiopyle. Visit our detailed page for more information and directions!

Meadow Run

Trail Information | Ohiopyle State Park | Ohiopyle Co.

Meadow Run Natural Waterslides in Ohiopyle State Park during the fall

Looking for some summer fun? Take a ride down Ohiopyle's natural waterslides on Meadow Run! Whether you are looking for a scenic hike along waterfalls, a spot to setup a long exposure, or a stream to cast your fishing line, Meadow Run has everything you are looking for.

Meadow Run in Ohiopyle State Park

Carving its way through rock for thousands of years, nature sure has a knack for creating a unique masterpiece. As one of Ohiopyle State Park's most popular trails and waterfalls, Meadow Run offers a great spot year-round for a handful of activities just a few short feet from convenient parking.

During the spring and winter months, you may expect a raging river coursing through the rocks. At times, the water level is high enough for kayakers to take on an expert-level stretch of water. Trout season in the spring also attracts fishermen from all around.

The summertime brings warmer water temperatures, pleasant enough to cool off and enjoy a hot summer day under shade from the towering hemlocks along the bank. Swimmers should take warning as the natural waterslides may be a bit bumpy and cause some scrapes.

Autumn brings spectacular fall foliage which attracts crowds from all over the country. Setup your camera for a long exposure along the banks of Meadow Run for a breathtaking photograph. These scenes will keep calling you back.

Meadow Run also offers easy and moderate trails for hiking in Ohiopyle. Visit our detailed page for more trail information and directions.

Cucumber Falls

Trail Information | Ohiopyle State Park | Ohiopyle Co.

Cucumber Falls waterfall in Ohiopyle State Park

Ohiopyle's most iconic waterfall is the perfect road trip to satisfy your next adventure. As one of Western PA's most breathtaking destinations, Cucumber Falls is a must-see stop in Ohiopyle State Park.

Cucumber Falls in Ohiopyle State Park

A picturesque landscape awaits just a few short feet from convenient parking. Meander down along a narrow path and switchback or choose to view the falls from above.

If you do not want to make the descent all the way down to the base of Cucumber Falls, there is a viewing area from a bridge on the Great George Trail just above, but this does not offer a front view. Head down the steps just below the parking lot for the full view.

During the wet seasons, you may find Cucumber Falls to be a roaring waterfall racing over the 30+ foot drop and down to where it meets the Youghiogheny River forming Cucumber Rapids. Follow Cucumber Falls to the river for one of our favorite views in Ohiopyle along a small sandy beach.

Visit our detailed page for more trail information and directions!